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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Question 1: What type of new development does Farragut typically do?
  2. Question 2: Does Farragut manage the development and renovation of thirdy party properties?
  3. Question 3: How does Farragut finance its projects?
  4. Question 4: Is Farragut a licensed brokerage firm?
  5. Question 5: Can you develop my property that is located on the west coast?

Answer 1:

The markets in which we choose to operate and the opportunities that present themselves within those markets dictate the array of uses that are best suited for long term success. Single faceted developers will all too often try to "shoe horn" in their specialty uses to the detriment of the community and land owner. Today's environement requires a developer and operator to seamlessly cross between all sectors to include residential, office, retail, hospitality, parking, and industrial let alone the various specialties that lie within each of those sectors.

Answer 2:

Our involvment in any opportunity starts with listening to the needs of the land owner. Some land owners are ready to monetize their holdings while others prefer to generate a long term income stream. As a private firm with a corporate DNA, we are able to solve for a solution that lies anywhere on that continuum. So yes, we can develop, renovate, manage, and operate properties for others.

Answer 3:

Our pursuits are finaced with a combination of equity and debt. That source and use of funds depends on our ability to mitigate the risk involved in the opportunity as well as that state of our capital markets. We have relationships with a stable of family offices to solve for the equity requirements and then follow that placement with banking and insurance partners to determine the debt portion.

Answer 4:

Farragut Realty, Inc., our sister company that is owned and operated by the same principals that own Farragut Corporation, is our licensed brokerage arm. Our principal broker, Don Earl Stedham, specialized in retail leasing for over 10 years while working as an Investment Officer at one of our nation's leading publicly traded real estate investment trusts.

Answer 5:

While we can develop property anywhere in the United States, we would want to discuss the opportunity in great depth before committing our resources. We purposefully located our offices in the Washington DC metro area so that we can reach Boston, NY, Philadelphia, Baltimore, Washington DC, Raleigh, Charlotte, Atlanta, North Florida, Tampa Bay, and South Florida in a matter of a few hours. In fact, we can reach 50% of our nation's population within 24 hours via a car if needed. For this reason, we have proven to be highly successful by focusing on the eastern seaboard.