Horizontal Mixed Use

Value Creation Through Entitlements


Washington DC Metro

What started out as a 40 acre community retail center complete with Target, Shoppers Food and Pharmacy, and Home Depot, took a turn after closing when the home improvement sector slowed considerably. We found ourselves with a surplus 15 acres that was situated such that it was not condusive to traditional retail operations. It was time to think outside of the box...

  1. Comprehensive Plan Amendment
  2. Rezoning
  3. Variance
  4. Site Plan Amendement

Market Knowledge

... and understanding land use regulations

We followed the effects of the latest Base Realignment and Closure proceedings and new that a nearby operating base was slated for a significant expansion. With the projected need for quality housing to support this expansion, we knew we could create an enclave styled community that would symbiotically coexist with our community retail center yet still preserve its own identity.

Neighborhood Input

and Support

Gaining Perspective

Comprehensive Plans by their design are visionary documents that guide a community and its elected representatives over a generation. Amending one is not to be taken lightly. Changing a parcel's zoning district, especially to a district that promotes more growth, is too not to be advanced without considerable prior thought and due diligence. We identified all of the stakeholders that would be impacted by our plan and ensured that we afforded them plenty of time to voice their concerns and even develop those concerns as we navigated the process.

We, along with the community, were successfull in amending the Compehensive Plan and subsequently subdividing and rezoning the parcels. We identified variances in the zoning regulations from the start so there were no surprises for all involved. By realigning the land use regulations with that of the market's needs, we created value where there was none.