What We Do

Setting New Standards in Real Estate

We are a full service real estate firm.

It begins with an accute understanding of the market followed by an accurate and comprehensive projection of the potential income stream and the investment required to realize that income stream. We iteratively team that underwriting with the constraints of the property to include community, regulatory, infrastructure, geotechnical, and physical limitations. We engage the finest planners, designers, and constructors to create compelling environments that remain relevant for generations.


Over 6MM square feet of new ground up developments across multiple sectors within both suburban and urban locals.


Creating value by introducing a change or mix of uses that are better suited to meet the current market demands.


Navigating the maze of federal, state, and local regulations to capture significant finacial benefit in the form of tax credits.


An in-house licensed brokerage service that works seamlessly with our development and property management groups.

Farragut Corporation

A New Standard

We are in it for the long haul and that means our ability to thrive relies on repeat business. To earn that business over and over again, we hold ourselves to new and higher standards than those of our peers.

● Integrity above all else.

● Performance that is measured and achieved.

● Inclusion so that all are better than before.

In the Words of Our Partners

Integrity Above All Else

Our Underwriting

Value Creation

Our minimum underwriting standards are based upon the perceived risks that we undertake in creating a sustainable income stream. While the markets in which we operate warrant a 200 bps spread between developed returns and the exit capitalization rate, we are often able to mitigate risks such that greater land valuations can be achieved.